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Thank you for visiting my website!  Obviously you are looking for a legitimate way to earn a living from home.  This is something that I am very passionate about!

I will share with you some of the programs that are working the best for and earning me the best income as well as some of the marketing and traffic building resources that work the best and give the best bang for the buck as well!! 

I look forward sharing the latest tips and tools to help you grow a successful future as a stay at home income earner.


Sierra Pierson

Hello Opportunity Seeker,
Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Sierra Pierson and I have been marketing online for several years now.  I have tried MANY different business opportunities but the BEST business that I have found over the years hands down is that of the Shaklee Corporation.
The Health & Wellness Revolution is taking over not just the net but the world itself!!


Here are just a few of the Reasons that I choose to
Work From Home & Create My Own Financial Security...

Did you know?

16,000 New People a Day Choose to Work From Home!!

According to Sandy Botkin former IRS Attorney and Author of Lower Your Taxes - Big Time
"You would have to be brain dead not to start a Home Based Business."

There has NEVER been a better time to consider working for yourself and creating your own Financial Security.

The fact that we are heading into a Recession only solidifies that for me.  I am taking control of my own financial future and you can too! 
Here are some of the reasons to seriously consider working for yourself:

  • Low start up costs (a fraction of the costs of starting a traditional style business)
  • Huge Income Potential (only limited by you)
  • No employees
  • No costly inventory
  • No overhead
  • Low operating costs
  • Tax benefits (more information on some of the Tax Benefits Below)
2 Famous Quotes From Author Paul Zane Pilzer author of
The New Wellness Revolution that really get me excited!  Now is the TIME!!! 

"350 Billion Dollar Wellness Industry will Triple to over a Trillion Dollars in the next 3 years."


"More Millionaires will be created in the Wellness Industry than in Real Estate in the 80's or 90's."

Tax Benefits

Did you know that you could save $2000 - $10,000 or more this year just by owning your own Home Based Business?  You CAN!!!

Here are just a few tax deductions that you can make when you own a home based business:

  • A portion of your Mortgage Payments (or rent if you don't own)
  • Phone Bills including cell phone, long distance etc.
  • Internet - if you use it to market it or run your business it's deductible!
  • Gas for your car!  You will need to keep a log though to track your deductible trips. :-)
  • Advertising Costs
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Operating Costs
If you haven't see this before...you need to NOW!  Don't waste another minute to learn how to empower yourself with Tax Savings Knowledge
I learned all about how to Benefit in MLMs
From Ron Mueller's Book
 Now that you know WHY  I prefer to work from home and how I support my family maybe now would be a good time for you consider what your J.O.B.
(Just Over Broke) has done for YOU lately!!
Shaklee offers Premium Nutrition Products, Eco Friendly Home Cleaning & Laundry Products as well as Weight Loss & Maintenance Products, Paraben Free Skin Care, Hair & Body Products as well as our delicious Anti-Aging Tonic.
Recognition:  Shaklee has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show 3 times      and was recently featured on the Rachel Ray as well!
We truly offer one of the finest opportunities available today!! 
Here are my TOP 10 Reasons

to be a Distributor with Shaklee:
  1. Excellent Products: Nutrition, Anti-Aging, Green Cleaning Products, Weight Loss & MORE!
  2. Excellent Compensation Plan: Get on the FastTrack to $100,000!!! 
  3. Excellent Management: Roger Barnett is a 3 Time Billion Dollar PROVEN Successful Business Owner.
  4. Excellent Tools & Training: Learn more by taking a tour of our site! View Presentation Here.
  5. Excellent Upline Team Support: Motivated leadership by experienced & caring professionals.
  6. Ability to Work When YOU Want: Work within the schedule that works for you!
  7. Ability to Work As Much As you Want: Even those with limited time can succeed with our team!
  8. Ability to Create Your Own Income - No GLASS CEILING!!!
  9. Ability to Work Online OR Offline - You Choose!: We will teach you both online and offline methods to advertise your business!
  10. Improved Health & Wealth!!!: Not only can you improve your lifestyle, earn more money and finally achieve those dreams that are most important to you but you can also dramatically improve your health and the health of your home!
If you have been looking for a BETTER Way to support your family...increase your bottom line and to just live a Healthier, Wealthier & most importantly a HAPPIER Life then maybe Shaklee might just be the right "fit" for you too!

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I look forward to Sharing a VERY Successful Future with YOU!

Sierra Pierson

Full Time Internet Marketer since 2005 &
Stay at home Mom of 2

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